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  • Career planning

    We focus on the professional improvement and career development of employees, and develop challenging training plans for each employee, including induction training, skills training, regular internal sharing and team development training.

  • Salary

    Basic salary + performance bonus + year-end bonus + stock option, favorable treatment can be talked about, five insurance and one gold + double rest + meal supplement + employee dormitory + parents'filial piety bonus + employee travel + holiday welfare + regular physical examination, etc.

  • Fringe benefits

    We provide you with a sound career development platform, corporate culture, League building activities, vocational training, etc.

Beijing Longshengtai Health Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijing in 1997 and listed on the new third board. We have been awarded the top 10 units in the fair trade industry by the China Business Federation, the vice-chairman unit of the Beijing Asian Games Village Chamber of Commerce, and the well-known imported daily chemical brand operation company. We have imported brands such as Haroshen, Schpa and other European and American brands. Now we are recruiting the following positions.